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Please review our frequently asked questions. If there is something more specific that you are looking for, then please contact us directly.

By pressing [SALT TEST] a salt measurement is taken, and a total TDS reading is displayed. The ideal TDS reading should be an LCD display of “OK”, approximately 3000-4000ppm. If “HIGH” is displayed, the salt level is above 4500ppm and the salt level is too high, and if “LOW” is displayed the salt is below 1000ppm and we suggest taking a sample to your local pool Professional for a more accurate result and further assistance. For the FRESHWATER/ULTRA LOW SALT SYSTEM Models: MF25LS and MF35LS, the TDS reading is 1200-1800ppm.

If you need to change the time on your mineralfresh system you can do so by pressing the Timer button, this will ask you if you want a single or dual cycle, if you press the Timer button again, it will allow you to simply change the time of day. Use the arrow keys up or down to change the hour and press “OK” to save, update the minutes and again press “OK to save the selection.

You can use an external controller with a mineralfresh system. To do this, set your timers in dual or single cycle to turn on and off at 00:00, and turn the mineralfresh system “ON”.

To extend the life of the LCD display, the display will become dim after 2 minutes of inactivity. Any time you press the keypad, the LCD will become bright again, and automatically dim once the activity has stopped after 2 minutes.

A red flashing light on your chlorinator indicates there is a fault and you should act. The most common fault is a flow fault where there is insufficient water flowing over the cell. This can be remedied by ensuring that there is sufficient water in the pool and that all oring’s are greased and there are no cracks in pipe or fittings. Other faults include high or low temperature and high or low salt. Please consult your manual.

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