Regular Pool Maintenance:
Test chlorine and pH.
Clean skimmer baskets.
Check water clarity.
Check the water level.
Check the filter pressure gauge and clean the filter if required.
Do all of the above and inspect the salt cell and clean if necessary.
Also check Total Alkalinity and Stabiliser, Salt level and TDS and brush the pool to remove any dirt or debris.
Test calcium hardness.

Comprehensive Water Care Guide

Proper maintenance of pool water involves a delicate balance between various factors, such as pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, sanitation, filtration, and testing.


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[WINTER/BLANKET] button automatically turns your VAPURE VP-Series Salt Chlorinator setting (Chlor Setting) down by 50% when the unit is either in AUTO or ON mode. The unit defaults to a 50% setting and will stay on this until [WINTER/BLANKET] is pressed again.



Pressing [+] or [-] increases or decreases this 50% setting by increments of 10% from 0% to 90%.


Once your desired setting is entered, pressing [OK] will return to the DDS screen and the output will display at the lowered setting (50% or different if you set it to that).


Pressing [WINTER/BLANKET] whilst ON automatically turns this LED off and the unit returns to a setting of 100%.



If you need to adjust running times during winter, pressing [CLOCK/TIMER] will allow you to adjust operating times of the unit if necessary. See 6.5 CLOCK/TIMER for more detail or contact your local pool Professional for further assistance.


WINTER/BLANKET MODE can also be entered by pressing the [OK] button in MAIN MENU and scrolling to WINTER/BLANKET MODE.


Brushing the surface of your pool is an essential part of pool maintenance, especially for owners of pebble or concrete pools. Make sure you do this on a frequent basis to ensure good circulation and prevent staining or scale build up. 

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