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This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean that the dial is broken. The RP saltwater chlorinator has a continuous output control dial that doesn’t have a stop point allowing for better chlorine output setting.

Our RP Chlorinators have a battery back-up timer, and these require time to charge up. If you have a power source that turns off at peak times the battery may not be able to get a sufficient charge and may lose time. As per your instruction manual please ensure that when you first install your chlorinator it has 12 hours charging.

Whilst in operation, a flashing orange light on the RP chlorinator indicates that your salt level in your swimming pool is either too high or too low. We suggest taking a sample to your local pool Professional for a more accurate result and further assistance.

Whilst in operation, a solid red light on the RP chlorinator indicates a flow fault. Please check for any possible leaks or blockages. Check the skimmer box for leaves or debris and check that all connections are lubricated and tightened and check that no valves are in a closed postion.

If the chlorine output doesn’t increase when you turn the output dial in a clockwise direction, check your chlorinator cell is clean and free of calcium and that there is sufficient water flow over the cell. Low salt will also result in low output, so take a sample of water to your pool professional for testing.

In colder temperature, the output will also drop so this can be a factor.

And, depending on the age of the cell, the cell could be damaged or at the end of its life.

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