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The pH in your swimming pool will slowly rise due to factors such as alkalinity, the addition of fresh water and as sanitiser is produced in a salt/mineral water system. A rise in pH reduces the effectiveness of the sanitiser, so it is important to ensure that the pH remains in the correct range.

The pH of the water can be lowered by the addition of hydrochloric acid – and if your system has the optional pH control, this can be done automatically. Crystal Aquatic Systems pH Logix controller works with the Vapure Salt Chlorinator and uses an algorithm to calculate how much how much acid needs to be dosed to correct the pH.

You must have a Crystal Aquatic Systems Vapure Saltwater chlorinator to use the pH Logix pH controller. Depending on the software version you may also need to turn on the pH controller. Check your software version and then follow the instructions in your pH Logix manual and Vapure saltwater chlorinator manual.

You should use hydrochloric acid with the pH Logix system. The system uses a 1 : 3 Acid : Water mix ratio (e.g. with a 20 litre drum add 15 litres water then 5 litres acid). It is important to use this mix for the correct acid volume to be added.

Important Safety Instruction: When mixing acid with water, ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER. NEVER ADD WATER TO ACID. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment specified by the acid supplier when handling acid.

The pH Logix dosing algorithm is designed to be used with diluted hydrochloric acid. Diluted hydrochloric is a safer option for you and your swimming pool equipment. If you don’t dilute your acid you should reduce the running time of your pH logix as per the instruction manual.

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